Our licensed physical therapists work with families to assist their children in developing strength, range of motion and quality of movement in order to effectively and safely move through their environment.

Physical therapy in the home may include:

  • helping a child learn to crawl so they can move from place to place, get to their toys or follow their parents around the house
  • helping a child learn to sit so they can play on the floor with their siblings and friends
  • improving balance so they can walk on floors or grass or sand without falling
  • getting stronger so they can keep up with their friends
  • holding, exploring, and playing with toys of different sizes, shapes, and weights
  • practicing walking up and down stairs

Physical therapists also assess the need for orthotics, splints and braces to improve positioning and mobility. They may recommend adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs or gait trainers and can help a family and child learn how to effectively use this equipment.