PFR is an evidence-based training program that is dedicated to promoting children’s social-emotional development through responsive, nurturing caregiver-child relationships. Our staff uses practical, in-depth, effective strategies for promoting secure and healthy relationships between caregivers and young children, from birth to three years old.

All children are born into this world totally dependent on the relationships they develop with their parents and their caregivers—the people who are closest to them. These first relationships are the foundation for young children’s growth and development in social, emotional, behavioral, language and cognitive domains.

 Expected Outcomes/Results

  • Promote the development of trust and security between parent and child
  • Teach children through play and positive feedback
  • Understanding social/emotional cues
  • Respond to nonverbal cues
  • Learn effective calming strategies to manage stress
  • See the world through the child’s viewpoint
  • Build empathy

To learn more about PFR, call our Family Support Services Director, Tamie Nielsen, at 253-226-7503.

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