Marriage’s Key Ingredient: Emotional Connection

Love is important but couples often get caught in cycles of behavior that can become harmful to their relationship. Therapists assist couples to move beyond simply blaming each other by helping them build positive interactions in their relationship. Our therapists use a variety of therapeutic approaches to assist couples with addressing their concerns. As the couples’ mutual respect and understanding grows, they achieve a healthier, improved emotional connection.

Don’t Put Counseling Off

Many couples see therapy as a last ditch effort. Research shows couples often endure significant relational distress for years without seeking outside help. Too often, waiting to ask for help means the relationship may worsen. However, if a couple is motivated to stay together and seek therapy, they can repair damage and build a strong, healthy relationship. Couples therapy can also help new couples even before marriage. If you start early, you can learn the principles that help relationships succeed and avoid the words and actions that cause marriages to fail. You can learn the skills to build great relationships that can weather most problems.

Learn How To Build Intimacy

Many take intimacy for granted, but skills for building emotional intimacy must be learned and are necessary for healthy relationships. Through therapy, couples can look deeper and understand what’s really going on.

Experienced Counselors Can Make A Difference

Our counselors help couples overcome relational issues, deepen intimacy, and build a stronger bond. They help couples develop tools so that couples can experience a lifetime of growth together.

We also offer pre-marriage counseling. A sliding-fee scale is available for those who qualify.

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