Improving the Quality of Family Life with Nurturing and Supportive Therapy

Has life at home become overwhelming or chaotic?  Are you feeling angry or disconnected from your family?

HopeSparks Family Counseling services can help.  There are many instances in family life that present challenges, including: having children, raising adolescents, helping aging parents, and struggling through illnesses or the death of a loved one. Going through divorce and financial struggles also present significant challenges.  Often, one or more members may say or do things that increases everyone’s stress.

Our approach looks at the family as a whole.  Our clinicians are trained to identify the interactions that contribute to conflict and emotional distance within families. We help families to replace the behaviors that increase conflict and distrust with behaviors that help families to increase trust and deepen their emotional bonds.

Our counselors work with clients to create a healthy family system where the parents are united and provide consistent rules and expectations for children to follow. We help parents set appropriate boundaries with their children and adolescents, and we teach them to respond to their children’s needs. We help restore children’s faith and trust in their parents’ ability to respond appropriately to their needs.

Counseling creates connection, trust and a safe family system so parents can cultivate their ability to successfully navigate life challenges.

Experienced Counselors can Help You and Your Family

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