The Incredible Years® is an evidence-based 18-week program for parents of children ages 2-8. Our goal is to promote parenting competencies and strengthen families. These classes are research-based and proven effective for reducing children’s aggression and behavior problems, as well as increasing social competence at home and school. At this time we are only accepting families into this program with a referral from DSHS.

The Expected Outcomes of The Incredible Years® Include:

  • Increasing positive parenting skills
  • Improving positive strategies, such as ignoring, routines,
    natural and logical consequences and redirecting
  • Improving problem solving skills, anger
    management and communication skills
  • Decreasing parental stress
  • Increasing parents involvement in children’s
    academic related activities at home
  • Producing positive outcomes in reducing child
    behavior problems
  • Helping children remain stable in their home through
    positive parenting and play

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