Play and Art therapy is a technique whereby the child’s natural means of expression, namely play, is used as a therapeutic method to assist him or her in coping with emotional stress or trauma. Many children are not able to “talk” in a therapeutic setting the way that an older child or teenager can. We use play and art in conjunction with many of our evidence-based treatments so that children of all ages can have the opportunity to heal. Many children are able to “tell their story” using play and art as way of expressing themselves in a meaningful way.

Play and Art Therapy 1(resized)

Our play and art therapy room is designed for children! We want children to feel that this is their world to explore. All toys are therapy specific and create a safe place for children to heal.

Play and Art Therapy 2(resized)

All miniatures for sand play are approachable by children. All toys reflect diversity and are culturally appropriate.

Play Courtroom & Jail

Play Courtroom & Jail

THANK YOU to the Tacoma Narrows Rotary Club for their support in building this room.

Tacoma Narrows Rotary