Family Resources Coordinator

Tell us a little about your approach to early intervention:

There is no debate or doubt: early intervention is your child’s best hope for the future. Early attention to improve in one or all five developmental domains will give your child, and the rest of the family, several important benefits that you will not gain if you take a wait-and-see approach until your child enters school at age of three. As a Family Resources Coordinator I am the first person on the HopeSparks team to meet with a family that has concerns about their child’s development.  I enjoy working with families to help develop treatment goals and provide community resources to complement their early intervention services.

What qualifications and trainings do you have?

Certified Family Resources Coordinator ( FRC) in the state of Washington, Year 3

Are there areas of practice that you specialize in?

Being a military spouse of over 28 years and a parent of a 24 year old son with Autism, I am passionate about supporting military families and our diverse population here in pierce county, I support a wide variety of children and their families with developmental and medical  needs, autism and deaf and hard of hearing.