HopeSparks COVID-19
Agency and Community Communication

Last updated January 5th, 2022

HopeSparks Family Services is committed to implementing the preventative measures detailed by the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to protect the well-being of its clients, community, and team members while continuing to provide essential services. It is our goal to continue providing these essential services for the well-being of our clients as best we are able while providing all reasonable workplace protections to limit the spread of COVID-19.

HopeSparks follows the direction of the latest Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department,

Washington State Department of Health, and Governor Inslee’s Proclamation 21-14.1, COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for COVID-19 safety and may update our policies and procedures as the direction from these agencies continues to evolve. Due to the continued rise in COVID-19 cases related to variant strains, HopeSparks is amending our policies to match revised recommendations.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself from severe illness, hospitalization or death due to COVID-19. But because of a steep increase in disease transmission in Washington, the Secretary of Health is requiring that everyone five years of age and older wear a mask in public indoor settings. Masks are required if a client is receiving in-person services from a HopeSparks provider.

Face masks remain an important tool in preventing transmission of the virus. COVID-19 spreads mainly from person to person through respiratory droplets when infected people, many of whom do not exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, cough, sneeze, or talk. Evidence shows that wearing a mask reduces an infected person’s chance of spreading the infection to others. There are some exceptions to the mask requirement, including:

  • Children under five years of age. However, children age two to four years old can wear a mask under close adult supervision. HopeSparks requires that all children three years and older wear a mask during service delivery with adult supervision if needed.
  • Children under two years of age should not wear a mask due to the risk of suffocation.
  • People with a medical or mental health condition or disability that prevents them from wearing a mask.

HopeSparks office locations remain closed to the general public during this time with the exception of already scheduled appointments, including HopesCloset. Telehealth and/or remote services remain available for all clients upon request.

HopeSparks leadership remains in an active structured reopening phase for all HopeSparks facilities in accordance with our best understanding of current safety guidelines and operational needs and in compliance with all state and federal guidelines for COVID-19. We are actively working on a plan to resume in-person services, across all programs, as soon as safely possible and will provide updated communication as in-person services will be more widely available.

Ensuring the health and safety of our team members, while planning for the unique and specialized needs of the children and families we serve, is no small task. We are doing everything we can to try and accomplish both, while being good and ethical stewards of reliable information to properly plan each day. We are also working closely with city, county, state, and federal leaders to make policy recommendations that will remove barriers to providing services that are accessible and culturally responsive.

Resources for families

There are many resources available for families at this time. Below are just a few with links for more information:

Are there ways I can support HopeSparks during this time?

Yes, it has taken a tremendous amount of work to plan and anticipate all of our needs, and build our infrastructure at the pace needed to support our team members and clients.

A donation in any amount would greatly help during this time.

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