I Am Worthy


When Chloe entered high school and started feeling concerned about her weight, she decided to make some changes to what she was eating. She saw the weight loss results she desired, and found herself feeling more and more preoccupied with food. With the loss of her Grandfather shortly after school started, Chloe felt more anxious and more depressed than ever, and her weight plummeted dangerously. What started out as a decision to eat healthier foods slowly became a pattern of disordered eating for Chloe.

Chloe and her mother, Julie, found HopeSparks in November, 2016. They had been struggling for nearly a year to find a treatment program that would fit their needs and, most importantly, get Chloe on a path to a healthy weight. As a parent, Julie was relieved to find reassurance that she was doing the right thing and feels fully supported by the HopeSparks Eating Recovery Team. “When I came to HopeSparks, Lisa was like a lighthouse. It was amazing; I finally had a team that listened to me. Lisa and Christie made me realize it’s okay to need help.”

Through a combined approach targeting both nutrition and mental health, Chloe says that she’s learned that it’s okay to eat and that she is worthy of eating. “I’ve definitely learned how to manage my anxiety and depression better, and I’m learning new and healthy coping techniques so I don’t have to continually suffer. I want to work through this so I have a better future.”

With the support of the HopeSparks team, Chloe has achieved a healthy weight while learning to be healthy and happy without letting disordered eating take control of her life. She is excited to be able to focus more on school so that when she graduates she can attend Washington State University to become a Nutritionist and work with others who suffer from eating disorders. “Now that I have a healthier and more positive mindset, I can give perspective to others so they don’t have to go through this.”