Relatives Raising Children

Relatives Raising Children keeps families together by providing resources and support to caregivers in Pierce County who are raising children not theirs by birth. There is a large number of children residing in Pierce County who are being raised by someone other than a biological parent. Children come to live with relatives or non-biological caregivers for a variety of reasons. Services help changing families manage the transition and support both children and caregivers throughout this process.

Our Services Include

Kinship Navigator Services


Support Groups

Basic Needs and Clothing

Summer Respite

Backpacks and School Supplies

School / Youth Activities

Emergency Assistance Funds

Support Groups

Come meet other caregivers who are raising children not theirs by birth.

Our support groups include:

Opportunities to meet other caregivers




Participants may include grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, godparents, stepparents, fictive kin, and other non-biological caregivers.

Grandparents making cupcake with kids
Older relative with young child
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Behavioral Health Services

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Children's Developmental Services

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Family Support Services

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Pediatric Healthcare Integration

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Relatives Raising Children

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