Read and learn about the lasting impact HopeSparks is having as we walk alongside children and families in our community.

Duke Collage

Meet Duke

He was born prematurely at just 25 weeks, weighing 1 lb 15 oz at birth. During his 5-month stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Duke experienced a severe brain…
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Richardson Family Story

Life was just getting started for newlyweds Bryan and Brianna. They were settling comfortably into their new routines as a married couple, and Brianna was busy getting acquainted with her…
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Herrington Family

Herrington Family Story

Angela and her husband were excitedly preparing for the birth of their daughter, Maeve. Following a typical pregnancy, Maeve came into the world with a surprise diagnosis of epidermolysis bullosa…
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Jack and the family

We Are Strong

Jack came into the world at just 28 weeks gestation, and after a long 3 month stay in the neonatal intensive care unit, he came home with an NG feeding…
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Charity and family

I Am Determined

As a single mom, Charity often found herself stressed out and overwhelmed with taking care of her three kids. When she started getting phone calls from her daughter Emily’s school…
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I Am Worthy

When Chloe entered high school and started feeling concerned about her weight, she decided to make some changes to what she was eating. She saw the weight loss results she…
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Mary and Michelle

We’ve Gained Strength

It was an ordinary Tuesday when Mary and Michelle got a phone call from Mary’s son asking them to drop everything and pick up their grandchildren from Child Protective Services…
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Jack and Michael portrait

Jack and Michael’s Story

Newly retired Mike was just getting used to the idea of a slower paced life, and Carrie was excited to start working at a new job. They had just committed…
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Yo Sé La Verdad

Three young siblings play in front of a Tacoma elementary school, climbing on a low wall and posing for photos. They smile, laugh, run around, and hug their mom. People…
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I Choose

Sometimes your best friend becomes your worst enemy. Food began as Bri’s friend. It extended its welcoming embrace, sheltering her from all of her troubles. It was there for her…
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Alexander suffered extensive trauma from a very young age. When he was sixteen Alex was adopted and moved to Tacoma. Despite the difficulties he was going through he reached out…
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I Found the Light

Nakita and her six year old son, Aziah, haven’t had it easy the last few years. Fleeing domestic violence left them feeling unsafe and not sure where to turn. Aziah…
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I See My Beauty

Lauryn had always struggled with seeing her worth. Anxiety and obsessive-compulsive tendencies dominated her thinking, and therefore, her life. She was able to keep things more or less under control…
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