Pediatric Healthcare Integration

HopeSparks partners with pediatric practices to provide collaborative care for children and their families. Both medical and behavioral healthcare are provided in primary care or other clinical settings. Pediatric Integrated Therapists  work closely with primary care providers and psychiatric consultants to provide brief, evidence-based interventions for depression, anxiety, ADHD, and behavior challenges.

Our Services Include

Patient-Centered Team Care

Measurement-Based Treatment

Evidence-Based Care

Population-Based Care

Accountable Care

Our collaborative care program addresses the challenges of receiving effective treatment for behavioral health concerns by:

  • Addressing both medical and mental health needs in the primary care setting
  • A team approach to screening and individualized treatment plan
  • Offering timely and convenient access to mental health treatments
  • Reducing the stigma associated with treatment for mental health concerns
  • Building on existing patient-provider relationships
  • Improving care for patients who have both medical and mental health care needs
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Pediatric Healthcare Integration

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