I Am Enough


Meygan’s life has been anything but easy. She spent a lot of her childhood with her family fractured – her brother was living with her grandmother, she and her sister were living with their father, and her mom was not in her life for a while.

In the fall of 2015, Meygan came to HopeSparks. She had just returned to her mother’s home after a difficult couple of years with her father. Meygan received individual counseling and joint family counseling to address reunification with her mom. She is also working with HopeSparks’ Eating Recovery Team and has been actively engaging in all aspects of treatment.

“A lot of things that I’ve been through based on statistics and numbers would put me in a place to fail, but that is not where I am. I’m not letting the things in my past and the things I have been through define my future.

Meygan is on her high school swim team, has developed strong friendships, and she is already working toward her college degree through Running Start. She has learned to set healthy boundaries within her relationships and is enjoying being a normal teen for the first time.

Meygan acknowledges that a lot of people in her family haven’t made the best decisions, but she is working to break that cycle.

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